The Challenge:

Here the challenge was significant. In this adaptation of “Les Veufs”, the best selling novel of Boileau-Narcejac (authors of Hitchcok’s “Vertigo”), three worlds run alongside each other. The volatile world of artists, poets, writers, painters, living from day to day in uncertainty and improbable dreams; the world of fashion and advertising populated by models, art directors, photographers, lost inside an artificial mirage; and the world of international finance, hard, implacable, shut inside symbols of power (chateaux, Porches,┬áHotel particuliers). The action unfolds in Paris.

The story demanded that these three distinct worlds would become “entangled”. Not to fall into the symbolic banality so commonly used in films today, it was necessary to have common points and build bridges between those worlds. This was one of the tasks of the costume designing. It was also important to accentuate the noxious aspect of these two men who are engaged in a deadly duel over a woman who is already dead.

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